IP Research and Development

Honeyspec Design Solutions develops, markets and licenses a broad range of PLLs, DLLs and other analog/mixed-signal Intellectual Property (IP). We are recognized as one of the leading analog/mixed-signal IP providers and trying to serve an extensive customer base in the semiconductor, systems and electronics industries. We also perform substantial research and development in analog circuit design, and with many patent pendings on definitive circuit technologies.

   We maintain close working relationships with world's leading silicon fabrication vendors, IDMs and design services companies. We utilize our robust state-of-the-art circuits, methodical and proven design strategies and close associations with the world's leading silicon fabrication vendors to quickly and reliably create new and innovative designs in a variety of advanced process technologies.

IP Licensing

Honeyspec has access and transferable rights to a array of RF, Analog, and Mixed signal intellectual property. This IP covers the spectrum of components and functions from low noise amplifiers to data converters to signal processing cores. In most cases both hard and soft IP are available and implementation can be targeted to a number of CMOS or Bipolar processes and geometries. If you have a need for RF, Analog, or Mixed Signal IP, Honeyspec is happy to serve you.

Custom IC Design

Various Custom IC Design services are provided based on our expertise in analog and mixed-signal IC development that we have cultivated over the years. Actual achievements of designing analog circuits and analog layouts Abundant experience with mixed-signal IC development Manual evaluation of analog IC and failure analysis Layout Signal Integrity constraints and verification Tools and Languages include: System Verilog, including real number modeling MatLab and Simulink Standard Cell Libraries

Supply Chain

The Aerospace, Defence Electronics segment to supply critical systems and components to the aerospace, defense and space markets. Through innovative design, we deliver proven systems, reliable components and flexible power solutions that excel in tough environments and avionics.The Aerospace, Defence and Electronics segment customer base includes every major organizations in India. Honeyspec Aerospace and Electronics technical strength, product reliability, innovative solutions, and commitment to lean manufacturing bring Honeyspec Advantage to customers.